Steward Board

The Salter’s Chapel Steward Board is charged with the tasks of transacting the spiritual and temporal business of the church. They are appointed by the Senior Pastor and confirmed by the Quarterly Conference.  They are responsible for seeking the needy and distressed in order to relieve and comfort them.  The Stewards register all baptisms, marriages and deaths within the congregation.  The implements and the elements for the Holy Communion are also provided by this auxiliary.  They conduct surveys of the church’s membership to assess giving, attendance, and general welfare.


Stewardess Board

The main functions of the Stewardesses are to assist the stewards in the discharge of their duties relative to the rituals of baptism and the Lord’s Supper.  This includes preparing the bread and wine, making adequate preparations for all baptisms and appropriately dressing the pulpit and altar for such sacraments; as well as colored coverings for the various seasons of the Christian year.


Trustee Board

Our Trustees manage all the temporal concerns of the church.  They guard for the connection all real estate, churches, parsonages, schools, and any other property potentially obtained by Salter’s Chapel.  They are responsible for making improvements upon the property or real estate when authorized to do so by a majority of the members of the church.



The Ushers at Salter’s Chapel assist persons, especially visitors, with navigating the campus, particularly on Sundays.  They are guides who assist people to their seats, issue programs and bulletins and other miscellaneous duties as they arise.  They are amenable to the Trustee Board.


Missionary Society

This organization is comprised of individuals who are passionate about outreach to those who are needy, distressed and disparaged.  They are responsible for responding to requests of benevolence, and they initiate drives and projects geared towards outreach and helps.


Young People’s Department (Y.P.D.) and Youth Outreach

These ministries are concerned with ministering to youth both within the walls of Salter’s as well as those who are newcomers or have no church affiliation.  They meet weekly and are divided into classes according to age around subjects that are not only bible focused but also stimulate passion for leadership and an understanding of A.M.E. History.


Lay Organization

This organization has been formed for the purposes of instilling in its membership a love and appreciation for the history, tradition and principles of African Methodism; advocating respect and loyalty to constituted authority; encouraging the support of the total program of the local church; fostering systematic and regular study which will provide greater knowledge and participation in the church; organizing and training lay members concerning the goals and objectives of the Connectional Lay Organization.


Christian Education

This organization develops a comprehensive and unified program of Christian Education which shall lead to a knowledge of the Holy Scriptures, the Christian Religion, and the Christian Church, and an implementation of these values in daily living.  It provides source materials for all the educational work of the church and shall provide for developing standards and preparing programs and offering techniques of Christian Education in the local and general Church in accordance with the provisions set forth in The Doctrine and Discipline of the African Methodist Episcopal Church.


Sunday School

Our Church School meets every Sunday at 9:45 a.m.  The purpose of this gathering is to educate individuals according to age categorized classes around biblical lessons.  This is facilitated through rich, transparent discussion and study.  The Sunday School serves as an arm of the Christian Education Department.


Bible Study 

Bible Study meets mid-week at Salter’s Chapel.  It is a study whereby students are encouraged to practice a process of exegesis when studying the text.  Also, students are encouraged to, as a group/community, to make their own commentaries in reflection of the texts.


Music Ministry

The Music Ministry at Salter’s Chapel A.M.E. Church is comprised of the Inspirational Choir, The Male Chorus, and the Children’s Choir.  Our Music Ministry Director


Class Leaders

Classes, or cells as they are known in other contexts, are formed to discern whether our members are indeed working out their own salvation and to receive what they contribute to the support of the Gospel.  Class Leaders are appointed annually by the pastor, and a class is usually composed of twelve or more persons.